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When You Have Balance in Your Life, You’re Not Growing as A Man, Father, Husband or Professionally.

When You Have Balance in Your Life, You’re Not Growing as A Man, Father, Husband or Professionally.

Think about a seesaw (or a teeter totter if you like).

seesawWhat’s going on when both children are the same exact size, their feet are not touching the ground and there is no up or down movement? The seesaw is in perfect balance. The children are just sitting there with their legs dangling. Not much fun right?

But what happens when a disrupter comes onto the playground, pushes one side of the seesaw toward the ground then teaches that child to jump just slightly and then shows the other child to do the same?

Now we have a constant counter balance. The kids are in motion. They are having fun and they just learned a lesson in physics. They don’t realize they learned such a lesson because they are having fun. That’s all that matters to them, right?

This is kind of how our day to day lives are.

If our life is in perfect balance, we are not learning, growing and in many cases, not having fun.

Let me explain.

In order for us to learn, grow and even have fun, our lives must be in a constant state of counter balance.

As long as you are progressing in any part of your life, other parts are going to be slightly neglected or completely left aside.

Say for instance you want to complete your Bachelor’s degree in the next year instead of two years. And you’re currently only taking one class a semester. Well, you’re going to have to double or triple up. What is that going to do to your lifestyle and schedule?

You’re going to have to either get up earlier, go to bed later of both. Is that going to take away some family time? Is that going to take away from you improving your golf game? Something has to give, right?

That’s the counterbalance.

I know the definition of a counterbalance is a weight that counters another weight. And in this context, I’m referring to your time.

Just like with that teeter totter, you need a counter balance in your life to grow and improve on what you want.

Now, as I was attempting to explain in the video, you can neglect a few things in your life for a little while and they will be fine. But some things you can only neglect or maintain for a very short while without focused attention. One of which is your relationships.

Think of juggling three balls. Two of those balls are made of rubber and the third is made of glass. The two rubber balls could be your job and your health. The glass ball is your relationship with your wife and kids.

If you neglect your job or health for a short while they will bounce back once you start giving it more attention. But that glass ball, your relationships, can not be dropped. If you that drop that ball it will certainly get scuffed, cracked or shattered. In either case, it cannot be repaired as easily.

So as you’re planning your counterbalance, make sure you remember what’s important and what can and cannot be repaired.

Thanks for humoring me by listening to these stories and words of Wally Wisdom.

You’re amazing. Thanks for hanging with me today.




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