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Why do some people do this?

Why are some people backer-inners? You know, those people that just have to back into the stall right next to you, even though there are 15 other open stalls on the other side?

It happens to me quite often. I’m standing by my truck with the door open while I’m organizing a few things or getting some stuff out, and here comes a backer inner who wants to park right next to me. Again, there are 15 other open stalls right on the other side of me. But no, this person just has to have this one spot.

I lost count how many backer inners I have almost rear ended because they stop just after an open stall. I’m thinking they are going to keep driving so I either stay or course or decide I will take the open stall they just passed. But then I see the back up lights come on and they start backing into the stall. They had now blinker and no other indication he/she was planning on backing into the stall. WTH? LOL

Am I the only one who scratches my head at this behavior?


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  1. Manny Garcia on March 29, 2017 at 08:31

    Ha ! Damn those backer inners !

  2. Wyllie Lum on March 29, 2017 at 08:40

    I’m wondering if she has patience or just doesn’t want to be 10 more feet from her destination. I also notice a lot of people seem to be on auto-pilot and not present in the moment.

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