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Why the idea of Winners and Losers is a Scarcity Mindset

I know many of you played sports as a kid. And for those of you who didn’t play sports I’m sure you played video game, card games or even board games. I’m here to say, those are the only events in life where there has to be a clear winner and loser situation.

Now, you could argue that anyone who has the balls to compete (pun intended) is not a loser, simply because they gave it a go. And I would not argue with that. At least not right now.

The discussion of this blog post is about the fact that there are no winners and losers in this game of life.

Yes, there are clear winners in life. But they are winning at their own game against themselves and the systems in place. They are not necessarily beating you, thus, making you the loser.

If you’re not winning in life it’s because you’re beating yourself. You’re not giving it your all. That other person, winning at whatever it is you are reaching for, is taking nothing from you.

Movies, media, even people close to you will lead you to believe since those top 1% who have millions and Billions of dollars, there’s none left for you. That’s simply not true.

By that logic, since those who consistently earn straight A’s in school, there are no A’s left for you. How does that make sense? Again, I’m here to tell you it does not. To think so is a Scarcity mindset and is a victim mentality. Are you a victim or a victor?

Men and women who earn $250,000 a year are taking nothing from you. They simply put in more time, effort and work to get to where they are. And I assure you they are still climbing.

Did you realize the average CEO reads 60 books a year and attends 12 conferences a year costing anywhere between $500 and $5,000 for each event? And they started those habits before they became CEO, not after.

Successful people also hire coaches and mentors. Most do so to get where they are. Then they hire other coaches and mentors every time they are ready to take their life, business, relationships etc. to the an even higher level.

Being an Abundant Leader requires you to get rid that crippling scarcity mindset and start building your Abundant mindset. Men of Abundance, it’s my goal to show you how to get on the path of Abundance. That process starts with you making a conscious decision to start thinking abundantly.

It is time for you to start living your life of abundance.

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